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Spartans Own Their Future

At Sparks, we promote a culture where all Spartans “own their future." Students are provided opportunities to learn about colleges, careers, and what it means to begin planning for both. As part of our college and career campaign, our classrooms have adopted various colleges around the country, and students and staff are encouraged to wear college shirts on Thursdays. The following activities also support and help us build this culture.

College Workshop - Students are taught how to write letters to colleges they are interested in attending. The school pays for postage and holds "You've Got Mail Mondays" to celebrate as students receive their responses. 

Career Day - Sparks hosts about 20 guest speakers representing various professions to share about their work, their lives, and what it took to get where they are. Students are asked to "dress for success" and are given an opportunity to select up to four guest speakers to hear from. Students are encouraged to take notes and ask questions during each guest speaker session.